ESOL Paraprofessional

Paraprofessionals Are in High Demand

This part-time, FREE Paraprofessional certificate program prepares you for a career in education in only a few weeks. In this class, you will gain the fundamental skills of working as a paraprofessional or school aide. Learn the basics of the American public school system and how to assist in the classroom. This program is specifically designed for English language learners looking for career opportunities in the school system. Improve your English and be prepared to work! The class includes connections to potential employers!

Program Information

  • Prerequisites
    • -Students must not have a US high school diploma or equivalency (foreign diploma is okay)
    • -Students must be at least 21 or older
    • -Students must be non-native English language learners; they must complete an English language assessment and demonstrate a need for English language services
  • Tuition: FREE
  • Schedule:
    • Session 2: May 13 - June 13 
  • Program Length: 60 hours, 5 weeks

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