Districtwide School Safety Plan

About Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES Districtwide Safety Plan

The purpose of the Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES Districtwide Safety Plan and each school’s Emergency Response Plan (ERP) is to help school/site officials identify and respond to potential emergencies by assigning responsibilities and duties of the school employees, students, families, and community stakeholders. It is important to develop, maintain, train and exercise ERPs in order to respond quickly before, during and after an incident. A well-developed and practiced ERP provides parents/guardians and the community reassurance that the school has established guidelines and procedures to respond to threats and hazards efficiently and effectively. Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES uses the New York State suggested planning format to assist schools in meeting legislative mandates contained in 8 NYCRR Section 155.17 and provides the use of best practices to improve outcomes following emergency situations.