Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Services

Communication and Technology Services (CaTS)
CaTS focuses its resources to help districts optimize the management and delivery of information through computers, print and multi-media. School-community relations, graphics and printing services help districts communicate with their key publics to ensure staff, parents and the community understand, have input, and help support educational goals for students. Technology staff provides technology planning and staff development, help schools integrate technology and instruction, and provide a test scoring and a data reporting service. Library Services supports library automation, provides media resources for classroom instruction and professional development, and provides online fee-based subscriptions to a wide range of instructional resources.

BOCES 4 Science
BOCES 4 Science turns classrooms into science laboratories for over 400,000 students across New York State. Students perform experiments and pursue ideas and investigations on their own initiative while the teacher provides individual attention and direction. The program is correlated to the New York State Learning Standards. Training is also provided on the implementation of the Standards for math, science and technology. BOCES 4 Science is a collaborative effort between BOCES in the Mid-Western New York State region (JMT). Participating BOCES: Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES. Genesee Valley BOCES, Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES, Monroe 1 BOCES.

Monroe/Orleans Accountability, Assessment, and Reporting Services (MAARS)
MAARS provides districts with guidance and training on a variety of items, including: NCLB and NYS Accountability; Content Area and Graduation Requirements; NYS Assessment Administration and Scoring; and Data Tools – NYSTART, Data Mentor and Data Warehouse. 

Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development
This office assists districts with long-range planning for school improvement, comprehensive district education planning, curriculum development, and professional development for teachers, administrators and curriculum specialists. Helps prepare and support new and novice teachers and administrators by providing ongoing coaching and support.

Offices for Finance, Human Resources and Labor Relations
These offices help districts stretch available resources. Central services such as cooperative bidding, a minimum premium health insurance plan and self-funded workers compensation program, substitute calling, coaching certification, labor relations and negotiations, and a student attendance program, help districts stretch scarce human and financial resources by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars on non-instructional, yet essential, services. Streamlined school operations leave administrators free to focus on direct instructional services.