Emergency Remote Instruction Plan

The Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Emergency Remote Instruction Plan (ERI) is available at the link below.

This plan includes:
  • Policies and procedures to ensure computing devices will be made available to students or other means by which students will participate in synchronous instruction
  • Policies and procedures to ensure students receiving remote instruction under emergency conditions will access internet connectivity
  • Expectations for school staff as to the proportion of time spent in synchronous and asynchronous instruction of students on days of remote instruction under emergency conditions with an expectation that asynchronous instruction is supplementary to synchronous instruction
  • Determinations for which students for whom remote instruction via digital technology is not appropriate
  • How BOCES 2 special education and related services will be provided to students with disabilities and preschool students with disabilities, as applicable, in accordance with their individualized education programs to ensure the continued provision of a free appropriate public education