Dignity for All Students Act (DASA)

Monroe 2–Orleans BOCES is committed to providing an educational and working environment that promotes respect, dignity and equality. We recognize that discrimination, such as harassment, hazing and bullying is detrimental to student learning and achievement. Such behavior affects not only the students who are its targets but also those individuals who participate and witness such acts. If you have been the target of such behavior or know of someone who is the target, you are encouraged to speak with your teacher, principal or program supervisor to share your concern. In addition, the following Dignity Act Coordinators are available to help.

Dignity for All Student Act Coordinators  

  • Timothy Dobbertin, BOCES-wide Dignity Act Coordinator, Educational Services Center, 352-2415, [email protected]
  • Adam Porter, Westview Exceptional Children, Rochester Technology Park classrooms, and Tutoring, 617-2571, [email protected] 
  • Maria Tantillo, Spencerport Administration Building, 617-2534, [email protected] 
  • Nicole Littlewood, Exceptional Children Learning Center (ECLC), 617-2439, [email protected]
  • Rebecca Spence, Terry Taylor Elementary, 349-5637, [email protected]
  • Jim Jewell, Special Education Transition Programs at Slayton Plaza, Roberts Wesleyan, Golisano Children’s Hospital (SEARCH), and Paul Road, 617-2523, [email protected] 
  • Robert Nells, Ridgecrest Academy, 617-2948, [email protected] 
  • Robert Hill, WEMOCO, 352-2480, [email protected] 
  • Martha Willis, Westside Academy, 617-2551, [email protected]