Freedom of Information Law

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)

All Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES requests should be directed to the Records Access Officer. Requests can be submitted using the provided form, or by email where the form will be e-mailed back to the requester.

The request should reasonably describe the records you are requesting. Whenever possible a person requesting records should supply information regarding dates, file designations or other information that may help to describe the records sought. Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES will respond to FOIL requests within the timelines specified by law, via email if possible which usually does not involve any charge. If records cannot be provided electronically, you will be informed of the alternative procedure and costs for obtaining copies of those records on paper or other format. Records are available for inspection as well where no charge would be incurred. BOCES Policy and Regulation 2310 provide more specific detail on FOIL requests.  

Contact Information:  

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