About Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES

Board of Cooperative Educational Services

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services) is one of 37 BOCES in New York State serving 700 public school districts.  

In 1955, the boards of education of Brockport, Churchville-Chili, Gates Chili, Greece, Hilton, Spencerport and Wheatland-Chili voted to establish the Board of Cooperative Educational Services of the Second Supervisory District of Monroe County. When the Holley and Kendall school districts joined the BOCES in 1971, we became the Second Supervisory District of Monroe and Orleans counties.  

BOCES 2 is governed by a nine-member Board. Approximately 800 full and part-time employees provide more than 60 separate services. Cooperative management services at BOCES 2 include the Rochester Area School Health Plan and the Rochester Area Workers’ Compensation Plan, which have saved districts collectively over $35 million since the plans were initiated in 1986 and 1987.

Eleven area high schools send over 1,000 students to the WEMOCO Career and Technical Education Center at BOCES 2 where they receive hands-on training and learn employable skills in multiple different courses in engineering, mechanical technologies, construction trades, manufacturing, and health and human services.

College bound seniors can explore professional career interests while earning high school and college credit in CTE’s New Visions Program. Students intern in the profession of their choice and receive related academic instruction in English and social studies.

The Center for Workforce Development (CWD) at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES provides a variety of industry-aligned educational solutions to prepare adults in our community for the 21st century workforce.

The Department for Exceptional Children provides programs to meet the needs of students with a variety of abilities that cannot be completely addressed by their local school districts. A wide range of educational opportunities is offered to expand and enrich learning for students with particular gifts and talents, to teach English to students with limited English proficiency, and to assist students with varying disabilities who require special instructional and support services.

One of the most unusual services at BOCES 2 is BOCES 4 Science, which provides science instructional kits and in-service training programs to school districts throughout New York State. BOCES 4 Science is a collaborative partnership with Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES and the Wayne-Finger Lakes, Genesee Valley and Monroe One BOCES.

Communication and Technology Services (CaTS) provides computer systems planning, acquisition and support; computer maintenance and repair; technology training; school public relations, printing and graphics services; an extensive media library for instructional and professional development; and support for school libraries and library staff.

BOCES 2 also offers a labor relations service, grant writing service, curriculum and staff development opportunities, cooperative purchasing, and a variety of itinerant services. It is also the home of Monroe 2-Orleans Accountability, Assessment, and Reporting Services (MAARS). 

The BOCES system was created by the New York State Legislature in 1948 to encourage school districts to pool and share resources. Schools receive BOCES aid from the state to encourage them to cooperate with one another. BOCES cannot levy taxes. All monies come from payment for services delivered to the school districts or from grants. Member districts share in the administrative costs of BOCES, and each member school district’s board of education must approve the administrative budget.