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This Forklift Safety class is a one-day class that takes place on Saturday. While the course is primarily focused on safety, students will learn both the theory behind safely operating a forklift and have the opportunity to develop practical skills while operating. The instructor will provide ample safety instruction before the practical portion of the course. NOTE: This class results in a Forklift Safety credential, but does not result in a Forklift Operator certification.

Course Information

Program Requirements:
  • 18 years of age or older
  • HS diploma recommended, not required (note: employers may require a high school diploma)
Tuition: $249
Dates: (all dates are subject to change)
  • Summer: 8/26/2023
  • Fall: 10/28/23
  • Winter: TBD
  • Spring: TBD
Class Schedule: Saturdays, 8:30am - 3:00pm
Program Length: 6 hours
Location: This class will be held at Foodlink, which is located at 2011 Mt Read Blvd, Rochester, NY, 14615. This location is subject to change to a different location in Monroe County. Information will be updated and provided as soon as it's available.

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