Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES does not provide transportation services for students.  We rely solely on school district transportation departments or transportation companies contracted by school districts or local municipalities.  Coordinated communication protocols between BOCES 2 and school districts has, by necessity, always been in place and will continue throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

BOCES 2 will work directly with each district transporting BOCES students to ensure that all necessary assurances are met as per New York State and SED requirements.

BOCES  2 assures that we will train students in all of our programs regarding the proper use of personal protective equipment, physical distancing, and the signs of COVID-19.  Training will also include the necessity of maintaining social distancing and the protocols to disembark from buses and enter the program facilities and board the bus at the end of the day.

Career and Technical Education

CTE will continue to work closely with our district partners and transportation directors to communicate and share updated information.  Our reopening plan for transportation to and from WEMOCO will include signage and a campus map indicating:
  • Bus entry and exit points, bus arrival route, and North and South building drop-off locations. 
  • Approved CTE student driver designated parking areas (increased to 150 spots).  
  • Parent drop-off and pick-up locations. 


Student Arrival/Building Access:

  • Students will enter WEMOCO using the door that is closest to their CTE program (1, 3, 58, 67, 75, 92). CTE and/or Security Staff will supervise.  
  • Student entry will include physical/social distancing practices and use of non-contact standing hand sanitizers. 
  • Classroom hallway doors will be propped open.


Student Dismissal:

  • Dismissal times will be staggered, using the P.A. system to announce dismissal (starting with South Campus classrooms/ending with A-wing Classrooms) 

Department for Exceptional Children

BOCES 2 employs a transportation liaison for the Department for Exceptional Children who coordinates communication between component school districts, bus companies, and BOCES 2 programs.

BOCES 2 special education programs will each establish protocols for arrival and dismissal procedures for students that maintain social distancing and safety requirements. All students will be provided with hand sanitizer immediately upon unloading from the bus and prior to loading the bus.

  • 35 Center-based classrooms - The current disembark/boarding locations for center-based programs will be sufficient to accommodate health and safety needs.   
  • 34 District-based classrooms - Host buildings will inform us of our designated disembark/boarding locations as per their established protocols. 

Westside Academy

Westside Academy students arrive on a staggered schedule due to the transportation schedules/routes from each of the districts we serve.  Westside Academy shares facilities with the BOCES 2 6:1:1 Center-Based program for 9th and 10th grades so arrivals and dismissals protocols will be the same as most students from both programs ride the same district bus. 

  • Westside Academy staff will greet students from their bus, one bus at a time.  
  • Students will enter through the main entrance while maintaining social distance from each other and will use hand sanitizer before entering their classrooms. 
  • Students will be dismissed by district and board their bus. Social distancing will be maintained. Only one district bus will be directly outside the main entrance at a time.  
  • Once all students are safely seated, the bus will leave and the next district bus will take its place.  
  • Social distancing will be maintained and supervised by staff from both programs.


Contact the BOCES 2 COVID Coordinator
[email protected]

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