Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Equity Statement

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES is a service organization committed to creating an inclusive, responsive, safe environment and promoting a sense of belonging that allows everyone to learn and grow. We are dedicated to embracing kindness, empathy, curiosity, and diversity. Our organization will ensure that communication and decision making are done respectfully and responsively by honoring the diverse perspectives of all.

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES Equity Plan

In August 2023, the BOCES 2 Board approved the BOCES 2 Equity Plan. This plan outlines the implementation of the diversity, equity and inclusion efforts of the organization. Through this plan and the associated work, BOCES 2 will continue to build welcoming and affirming environments.

BOCES 2 Focus: Everyone Has a Story

Everyone Has a Story collage
Everyone has a story. The Monroe 2-Oleans BOCES story is one of connections, partnerships and an on-going dedication to achievement and support for those in our communities. The cooperative is diverse in its makeup but united in the goal of human connectedness. BOCES 2 students, staff members and community partners were asked to share their stories in short video interviews. Find out more about the remarkable individuals who are a part of the BOCES 2 story by visiting www.monroe2boces.org/stories.

Recent Holidays and Observances