Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

Remote learning did not work for everyone during the spring 2020 school closures. We know there were students who did not log on or otherwise participate in online learning opportunities.  It is therefore critical for BOCES 2 to use a variety of creative methods to reach out to students and their families who did not engage in distance learning.  The emphasis in reopening must be on helping students make up for the loss of instructional time and address absences before students fall behind in their learning. Initiating an educational neglect or Person in Need of Supervision (PINS) proceeding, should be a last resort; BOCES 2 will work with our local departments of social services prior to bringing any legal action against students or their families.

Career and Technical Education 

SchoolTool will continue to be the Student Management System used for entering daily in-person or remote student attendance. After daily student attendance is entered in SchoolTool by the teacher, a report is generated and sent to the main office attendance secretary. From the report, daily automated phone calls then go out to parents/guardians of absent CTE students. Additionally, our district partners can monitor and review absences by accessing the district portal. 

CTE works directly with student home school counselors and administrators to determine if a student is to be dropped from their CTE program based on various reasons. 

Attendance of all students in approved CTE programs is reported in SIRS by the Communications and Technology Department. 

In order to document student engagement for students in hybrid or remote instructional delivery models, students will be required to complete a daily task in Schoology, on Zoom, or some other remote instruction technology and student attendance will be documented during all synchronous lessons.

Department for Exceptional Children

The Department for Exceptional Children will record student attendance daily into SchoolTool as per NYS regulations and Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES policy.  Attendance is reported to the student’s home school district on a monthly basis, and to the state as required (in State Aid Management System). In the event of student chronic absenteeism, school staff will reach out to the family frequently using multiple modalities (phone calls, texts, emails, Zoom calls, etc.) to assist them with engaging their student in the educational process.  Should these efforts be unsuccessful, community supports and/or resources will be pursued.

Westside Academy

Westside Academy will follow the same protocols for in-person, hybrid and remote learning where first period classroom teachers will take attendance by 8:15 through SchoolTool. If students are not present when the first period attendance is taken, an absence call is sent out through Connect Ed to the primary parent/guardian. Attendance is also taken at the start of each class. If a student is late to school or class, the student is marked tardy.  If a student has chronic absenteeism,  Westside Academy will follow the same established routines as in-person:
  • Meet with student to discuss barriers 
  • Meet with family and student 
  • Meet with family, student, outside provider 
  • Meet with family, student, outside providers and district 
  • This would take place through video conferencing.


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