High School Equivalency Program

Referral Process

All participating students must be referred by a component district of Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES.


Prior to program referral, every attempt should be made to keep the student enrolled in a course of study that leads to a high school diploma.

  • Students and parents should be informed of all of the educational options and implications, including; Career and Technical Education options, free/reduced meals, transportation, special educations, etc.
  • Students must be registered in your district at the time of referral (16 -21 years of age)
  • Students who are 18 years of age or older may also attend an adult program via BOCES 2.  Students who are interested in this option can contact the Center for Workforce Development at BOCES 2:  349-9121. 


School district personnel completes the BOCES 2 Common Referral form (under Related Files section).

  • Complete NYSED Form B: APPLICATION FOR VARIANCE OF ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS for all referrals, except for students who turned 16 after June 30 of the current school year (under related files below). The CTE department does not require copies of the variance worksheet or NYSED response. The variance information provided here is based on previous experiences with variances. The referring district is ultimately responsible for all variance procedures and documentation.
  • Referral is forwarded to CTE School Counselor (currently, Dave Mancuso)
  •  Intake testing and meeting are scheduled by CTE School Counselor
  • Intake conducted at CTE with student and at least one parent/guardian present
       School district is notified of intake result
  • Transportation is arranged by school district
  • If student is eligible for free or reduced breakfast/lunch, the school district must make arrangements to provide meals
  • Student starts program and Career and Technical Education class(es).
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