School Schedules

As per the New York State Commissioner’s regulations, all students must be provided with an instructional program designed to facilitate their attainment of the New York State Learning Standards in all curricular areas. This is true whether students are in school full time, at home remote learning, or a combination of the two known as a hybrid model of learning. In a remote or hybrid learning model, all BOCES 2 students will have daily contact and interaction with a certified classroom teacher to support their academic development and social emotional needs, regardless of their program. They will participate in a variety of instructional activities designed to keep them engaged in their learning and achieve the learning standards for their program or course of study.

Students in credit bearing courses will receive the required 180 minutes of instruction per week in order to give students the opportunity to master a body of content in a specific subject.

BOCES 2 will adhere to our Board-approved attendance policy. Attendance will be taken each day and students are expected to participate in all learning activities.

Instructional time is not defined solely as a student’s time spent in front of a teacher on Zoom. It also includes time engaged in standards-based learning under the guidance and direction of a certified teacher. Learning activities can include a variety of experiences such as, but not limited to, independent assignments, viewing pre-recorded teacher demonstrations, viewing instructional videos, participating in online class discussions or responding to teacher questions, completing independent projects, and meeting individually with their teacher via an online platform.

School Schedules

Career and Technical Education

In-Person and Hybrid Model:

CTE will begin the year with a hybrid schedule. As a CTE center, our instructional suites exceed the square footage per student standards of a typical high school classroom. In addition, we have several computer labs and conference rooms that can be used to create alternative instructional spaces if needed. As a result, we are able to accommodate the full cohort in each session (AM or PM) for in-person instruction on their scheduled days. 

Beginning March 1, 2021 CTE will increase student in-person learning to 4 times each week.  Students will attend class for 2 hours 25 minutes each day with the exception of Wednesdays where students will learn remotely.

  • Our AM session will include all students typically scheduled in the morning (second year students and all AM ICT, Services and Trades, Baking, and New Visions Health Professions students).  The AM in-person session will be 7:50-10:15 AM.
  • Our PM session will include all students typically scheduled in the afternoon (first year students and all PM ICT, Services and Trades, Baking, and TASC Prep students).  The PM in-person session will be 12:00 – 2:25 PM.  
During a 2-week cycle, students will have 8 days of in-person instruction and 2 days of remote instruction.  

Students may earn 4 credits per session.  

Should we return to full in-person instruction, the CTE schedule would adjust to two daily 2.5 hour sessions, and four credit hours per session will continue.

Remote Model: 

In the event that CTE needs to transition to a fully remote instructional model, students will maintain their class schedule. Classes will include daily teacher facilitated synchronous instruction and asynchronous learning experiences such as pre-recorded lab demonstrations or instructional videos. Maintaining close student contact and engagement will be a priority with an emphasis on relationship building and meeting individual student learning and social/emotional needs.

The CTE continuity of learning plan includes, attendance, grading and instructional technology expectations. It includes teacher and student expectations for daily use of technology to engage with content and complete/submit assignments regardless of the instructional delivery model. Schoology will be the platform that students and teachers use for instruction. Expectations such as number/type of grades per quarter, academic and dual credit documentation, teacher contact with student and parents, deadlines, etc. are included.

 Department of Exceptional Children 

The goal is to bring back all students in-person to the extent that the health and safety of our students and staff can be assured. Reopening plans include the following school schedule options: 

In-person and Hybrid Models:

Center-based programs – Students will be in-person 4 days per week following a schedule designed to minimize transitions between spaces. 

District-based programs - Where adequate space for social distancing can be obtained from component school districts all special education students will return to full day, in-person instruction four days per week, with remote instruction one day per week.  This will follow a typical school day schedule. 

In the event that adequate space cannot be obtained, students will be divided into two cohorts each (attending two full days, in person for instruction), with remote instruction three days per week. Instruction will be delivered 5 days per week (may be synchronous and/or asynchronous, but generally following a typical school day schedule) using Zoom and supported by Schoology/Seesaw platforms, and other web-based resources and applications. 

Remote Model:

In the event that school must be conducted entirely remotely, synchronous and asynchronous instruction will be delivered 5 days per week using Zoom and supported by Schoology/Seesaw platforms, and other web-based resources and applications. Students will follow an adjusted school schedule that parallels their normal schedule, meets regulatory requirements, and meets individual student needs as per their IEP to the greatest extent reasonable under the circumstances created by COVID-19.

 Westside Academy 

In-Person Model:

Westside will begin the year with an in-person model with all students attending school 5 days per week. The schedule structure will reduce the number of class transitions throughout the day and utilize staggered passing times. School hours will remain unchanged, 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. 

Hybrid Model:

Although the objective of Westside Academy's to return all students to in-person instruction, in cases where daily in-person instruction is not feasible, Westside will use a hybrid model that will divide students into two cohort groups (A and B), who will attend school on alternating days. Students will follow their in-person class schedule. 
Week:In-Person: Remote: Days: 
 1 Group A Group B Monday, Wednesday, Friday
 2 Group B Group A Tuesday, Thursday
Remote Model:
Students and staff will maintain a regular class schedule for remote learning in order to preserve the continuity of learning and provide structure to their academic day. Teachers will utilize the Schoology learning platform for all instructional materials and will use live remote teaching as a primary means to maintain daily, substantive contact and instruction when teaching in a hybrid or remote model. Instruction will require synchronous and/or asynchronous learning for students where teachers will create learning opportunities for students to interact with them using a variety of digital tools.


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