Student building with gears.
Students learning coding in Project Adept class
Kendall students in a Project Adept class.
Dance class in the gym.
Student using a microscope.
Students talking with Harriet Tubman re-enactor.
Students learning with Legos.
Three students examining a skeleton.
Students examing a lizard.
Student at a computer learning coding.
Students singing.
Student holding large insect.
Student netting samples at a pond.

Gifted & Talented Education


Holley students meet football player Will Shields via distance learning

Holley students go the distance

BOCES 2 distance learning can connect sixth-graders like these with sports stars, archaeologists or many other experts around the nation to exchange exciting ideas and information.   More +
Apply Within

BOCES 2 is at upcoming Job Fairs!

Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES will be at the Mini Job Fair for Educators on Jan. 24 at RochesterWorks! on Waring Road & the Extended School Year / Paraprofessional & Substitute Job Fair on Feb.5 at ESC. More +
From BOCES 2 Library Services

New Resources from Library Services

Did you know the amazing amount and variety of reading, educational and research materials that are available to the BOCES 2 community and component districts through BOCES 2 Library Services? More +



SEPTO Meeting

For information or questions, please contact:
Colleen Dox-Griffith, SEPTO President, at 617-2393 

Georgeann Beres, SEPTO Secretary, at 617-2447 


Gifted & Talented Education at Monroe 2-Orleans BOCES provides multi-component Enrichment Programs for gifted and talented students and students with special interests and talents in grades K-12.

Gifted & Talented Education
160 Wallace Way, Building 9
Rochester, NY 14624
Fax: (585) 617-2596
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